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Casker Pimp Post

Casker is a korean Electronic duo that consists of Lee Jun Oh [이준오] (programming, synths, samples, dsp, producer, lyrics, composing, DJ) and Lee Yung Jin [이융진] (vocals, composing, lyrics). Their songs vary from lyric-less techno to ballads, and often include a large variety of electronic sounds. They have released 5 albums, The Planet Built with Steel, Skylab, Between, Polyester Heart, and Tender. Most of their first albums are techno and lounge, and their later ones incorporate more of Yung Jin's vocals. There's also volume 4.5 (the planet built with steel new edition) and the mini album Your Songs. Their label is Pastel Music.

[Jun Oh's Twitter] [Yung Jin's Twittter] [Pastel Music Twitter]

The song "A Desired Confession" and "Mocha" were featured in the drama "The First shop of the Coffee Prince".


They released a digital single called "향 (Scent)" for the French film “Coco avant Chanel”. The movie stars Audrey Tautou in its title role and depicts the life and times of legendary Coco Chanel from her beginnings as a budding albeit unorthodox designer. (Summary from seoulbeats) [DOWNLOAD]


Lee Yung Jin was featured in the song Love Love Love with Epik High in Remapping the Human Soul released on January 23rd, 2007.

Love Love Love

They also were in a collaboration called "The Story of Cats". The compilations Story Of Cats and Story Of Dogs from Mint Paper Project came about through the participation of various musicians. Different Korean artists express their feelings towards man's best friends in this many-faceted musical palette. Like its sister album, Story Of Cats features 14 artists including Serengeti, Jang Sei Yong, Humming Urban Stereo, Javoisland, Espionne, deb, Sweater, and Casker.

03 . 고양이와 나 Pt.2



Casker(캐스커) Vol.1 - 철갑혹성(The Planet Built With Steel) [DOWNLOAD]
Release Date: February 7th 2003
Genre: Pop, Electronica
Language: Korean

Consisting of vocalist Lee Yoong Jin and composer/producer DJ Lee Juno, creative electronic duo Casker have enjoyed steady popularity since they appeared on the music scene. Their much sought after 2003 debut album The Planet Built With Steel is now available again in a special new edition. Casker Vol. 1 - The Planet Built With Steel New Edition features 14 tracks including the Astro Bits Remix of Discord, the Soul Nu Eva Remix of "Sundays in August" (Track 13), and the new song 47.

01. Cross The Roads
02. 8월의 일요일들
03. 1103 (Feat. 이소은)
04. Nowhere
05. Luna
06. Skip
07. 철갑혹성
08. Discoid
09. Complex Walkin'
10. Alice
11. Vague (Feat. Hey)
12. 8월의 일요일들 (Soul Nu Eva Remix)
13. Discoid (Astro Bits Remix)
14. 47

The new Edition comes with:

13. Discoid (Astro Bits Remix)
14. 47

Casker(캐스커) Vol.2 - Skylab [DOWNLOAD]
Release Date: May 17th, 2005
Genre: Pop, Electronica
Language: Korean

01 . Air Trip
02 . 고양이와 나
03 . 7월의 이파네마소녀
04 . midnight moment
05 . Tango Toy
06 . fragile days
07 . 어느 날 ptⅠ
08 . discoid (vocal edit)
09 . last smile
10 . 다시 내게
11 . 선인장
12 . Sweet
13 . 어느 날 ptⅡ
14 . ela (bajo de la luna)
15 . 그녀에게 말하다

Casker(캐스커) Vol.3 - Between [DOWNLOAD]
Release Date: November 24th, 2006
Genre: Pop, Electronica, Lounge
Language: Korean

01. Nuevo Cancion
02. 인형
03. 가면
04. 모든 토요일
05. 나비부인
06. 정전기
07. 달
08. Night People
09. Nu (Feat. Kjun)
10. 말할 수 없는 이야기
11. Soul:Free
12. 후유
13. 망부가

A review of this album can be found here.

Casker(캐스커) Digital Single Scent(향) [DOWNLOAD]
Release Date: August 13th, 2008
Genre: Pop, Electronica, Lounge
Language: Korean

01. 향

Casker(캐스커) Vol.4 - Polyester heart [DOWNLOAD]
Release Date: December 08, 2008
Genre: Pop, Electronica, Lounge
Language: Korean

Formed by female vocalist Lee Yoong Jin and composer and producer DJ Lee Juno, talented electronic pop duo Casker got a boost of much-deserved attention last year for their contributions to the Coffee Prince soundtracks. Now they're back with their first album in two years, Polyester Heart, containing 15 delightful tracks of electronica abstraction and Bossa Nova lightness. The album's clear melodies, sensitive lyrics, and light-on-feet airiness make for a comforting mixture of easy-listening and electronic numbers. Ha Dong Kyun of Wanted also pops in for a bit as a featured vocalist on the song "Delete".

01 . 역광
02 . 빛의시간
03 . You
04 . 칫솔
05 . 2월
06 . 아무도 모른다.
07 . 비밀
08 . 너를 삭제 (Vocal by 하동균 wanted)
09 . 틈
10 . 이명(inst.)
11 .만약에 혹시
12 . 빙빙
13 . Adrenaline
14 . 너와 나 (Prelude)
15 . Polyester

Casker(캐스커) Your Songs (EP) [DOWNLOAD]
Release Date: November 11th, 2009
Genre: Pop, Electronica, Lounge
Language: Korean

01 창밖은 겨울
02 밤의 이야기
03 Your Song
04 향 (Alternate Ver.)
05 Let It Shine
06 녹턴
07 Pluto
08 향 (Acoustic Ver.)

Casker(캐스커) Vol.5 - Tender [DOWNLOAD]
Release Date: October 13th, 2010.
Genre: Pop, Electronica, Lounge
Language: Korean

01. Intro
02. 안녕
03. 꼭 이만큼만
04. 나의 하루 나의 밤 (feat. 정순용 of My Aunt Mary)
05. 야간비행
06. 고양이편지
07. Missing
08. 물고기
09. 놓아줘 (feat. 조원선)
10. Regrets
11. 네게 간다 (Piano ver.)
12. I Loved You
13. Your Song (Fanny Fink Remix)
14. Hidden Track


Cat and me from Skylab

Ela (Bajo de la Luna) from Skylab

Nabi Buin (나비부인) from Between

빛의 시간 from Polyester Heart

꼭 이만큼만 from Tender


Discoid [LIVE] from The Planet Built with steel

Tango Toy [LIVE] from Skylab

1103 [LIVE] from The Planet Built with Steel

Information: Soompi kpopwiki sookyeon.wp
Images: last.fm Official website Google
Albums: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Downloads: mocha 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
YT: aca201085 mcjk1122 sui1512 orienkorean raikpop pastelmusic
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